Saturday, August 7, 2010

Road Trip

Rose Mary gave us a scare last week when her husband replied to one of our emails that she was in the hospital. Yikes! Angie and I decided it was time for a road trip. None of the other girls were available. I asked Rose Mary if we could come and told her that we would vacuum her floors, clean her toilets, or whatever she needed done. She said we could come but couldn't clean her house.

I left the house a bit after 9:00 Saturday morning, picked Angie up, drove, drove and drove, took the wrong exit (A instead of B or B instead of A or whatever), got turned around, picked up lunch (if you don't live in Arkansas where you can go to Market Place Grill, I'm so sorry), and made it to Rose Mary's house. I'm glad my house isn't that close to Market Place! We finally got to meet her husband, John, and we all had a GREAT lunch. Food was great; company was even better!

After lunch was present time! We'd gotten Rose Mary the I-rock tool, setters and set of gems as a GET WELL.

I had an email from Archivers last week about the 3 x 3 cards. I thought they were such a cute size and decided to make some. Here's Rose Mary's get well card using an element on Love Struck 2010.

And her birthday was coming up, so we added that to the celebration. Here's her birthday card. I just couldn't get this design to fit on a 3 x 3, so I fudged a little. I believe it's 3 x 3.5. This element is on George and Basic Shapes.

And both cards with the tin containing her gift card. Don't you just love the Hobby Lobby tins?

I was trying to match the cards to the tin. I used Vanilla Cream for the bases, Chocolate for the shadows and Twilight for the designs (all papers CTMH). Once the cuts were put together, I pop dotted them to the bases. I used Waterfall Stickles with Yellow on the candle flame.

Even though Rose Mary wouldn't let us clean house (like it really needed it--NOT! She has a beautiful home that is very neat and tidy.), she did have a few projects lined up if we were willing.

Ha! After 2 real quick projects, we dove in on project 3, reorganizing her scrapbook closet. Yahoo!! With her approval, we threw away, we made a box for Arkansas Children's Hospital and we made piles. Then we left Rose Mary to rest while we made a trip to Hobby Lobby and Michaels. Love shopping and spending other people's money! haha

Then we came back and put everything in its place. Wonder if she'll ever be able to find anything? And believe it or not, we didn't even take a before or after picture, but here's one of the three of us--left to right: Jill, Rose Mary and Angie.

By the time we finished our project, drove back to Little Rock, dropped Angie at her car, and stopped for gas, I got home about 10:20. Long but GREAT day with lots of laughter. And, yes, Rose Mary is on the road to recovery and doing great!

I'm not attaching files. Just put a 3 x 3 square on your Design Studio or Gypsy mat and make your element fit inside.

And, NO, we're not coming to clean your house or reorganize your scrapbook area, so you might as well just stay healthy.

Hope you have a great weekend,

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RobinDiane said...

And I was going to ask ya'll to come re-organize my scrapbooking closet!!! If I say pretty please would ya??? love ya! Robin