Sunday, September 5, 2010

Little Bo Peep

What a beautiful weekend! Great temperatures, beautiful weather, winning Razorbacks and lunch with Matt, April, Josh, Tosha and Uncle Herman. Awwwwwwwww.

We finally made it to Dallas two weeks ago so that I could deliver Alyse's nursery rhyme album to Darci. Well, we did other things, but I was glad to finally make delivery.

The inside of the back cover on her album has a plastic pocket intended to hold a cd. I decided to use it to hold a card instead.

Since the pocket was square, I opted for a square card and decided on 4.25. I probably should have made it a bit smaller with all of the layers, but it fit.

I like the design of the monogram cuts but needed mine to be square, so I used Design Studio to alter the solid one found on the WlcmBaby key.

The 6" cut was close to the width I needed, so I started there. I then changed both the width and height in the Shape Properties box to 4".

My second issue was that I wanted the design to reflect the scallop along the bottom edge instead of being straight. To get around this, I first created my cut page with the design and it's shadow together as they would appear on the card:

Then I placed the adjusted mat where I wanted the scallops:

And finally I moved the design so many spaces to the right using the arrow key on my laptop, clicked on the mat to make it active, copied it, pasted it and moved the new mat the same number of spaces to the right.

So all of the scalloped edges lined up just right.

We had a great time in Dallas with lots of kid time (although never enough), visiting with friends and a little bit of shopping thrown in.

Here's my cut file if you're interested: Bo Peep Card

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend,