Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jungle George

Behind as always, but this one has no season. hehe

Our friend, Christy, is preggo!!!!! The Divas decided to create some scrapbook pages for her baby album and present them to her at our crop at Ferncliff in March. (I told you I was behind.) Of course, I waited until the last minute and ended up working on mine AT Ferncliff. Thankfully, Christy wasn't sitting next to me and she went home at night, so I had plenty of time. And, no, I wasn't the only one.

She's done the nursery in Calvin and Hobbes. You should see it! She painted a mural, and it is absolutely adorable. Didn't know Christy was an artist. She even made her own mobile. But she's also doing it kind of jungle too. As I never really got into Calvin and Hobbes (don't hate me) but LOVE that cute little monkey on Sweethearts, I decided to go with the jungle motif.

Wow did this take some doing. Lots of hiding contours! Isn't it great when you have something in mind and it actually works out. (Remember that you can click on the picture for a larger view.)

That little boy is going to have one awesome scrapbook. Everyone did such a great job on all of the pages. Cute, cute, cute!!!!!! Not to mention what Christy will do with them after he arrives.

For her shower last week, I made the monkey card again but added a few leaves. I also put the "congratulations" on the front and "It's a Boy" inside. I used the same colors that I used on the layout. (I didn't take a picture since I had already shared one.)

Anxious to meet the little bundle but hoping he stays put for a few more weeks.

I'm attaching 2 files. If you have a 12 x 24 mat, you only need the first file. However, I only had a 12 x 12 mat when I was doing this, so I needed both files. The second file is only the right page border. If you are using a 12 x 12 mat, you will need to change the View to a 12 x 12 mat on the first file. This way takes just a little cutting with scissors or craft blade, but I think we can all handle that. Cut only the tabs labeled Cut on the first file.

Most of the file uses Sweethearts. The grass was done with ZooBalloo and the title with Printing 101.

This could be used for baby in a swing, a child on a swing set, a trip to the zoo or to the park... Change the title for a Wild Child, Wild Ride or just a Wild Day or Monkey'n Around...

Jungle Layout

Jungle Layout Right Page

Happy Memorial Day! Thanks to all who have served our country!

Have a great but safe weekend,