Sunday, October 12, 2008

RFTC and Awareness Ribbon

Wow! Where does the time go? I've been busy the past several weeks working on the Komen Arkansas Race for the Cure, cropping with friends, working on some projects, going to Dallas to help celebrate a friend's new marriage, and I'm not really sure what else. Anyway, the Race was yesterday and things should get back to normal around here. The question is, what is normal?

I have a few things to share with you after I get them cleaned up, but I wanted to go ahead and share the awareness ribbon I designed. There are several versions out there, but none of them were what I wanted.

The theme for our Race this year was "This one's for the girls" and they used paperdolls for the artwork. At our first committee meeting, we were given a paperdoll to decorate and cut out for our name tags. Well, I wasn't happy with a couple of crayons or markers for my creation. I brought mine home, recreated the doll in DS, cut her out on my Cricut and started decorating. When complete, I took it to the Komen office for lamination. They loved it and asked me to make some for them. I cut all of the pieces with extras so they would have choices and made them put their own together. Not a good scan, but here's mine along with the original.

We have a Pasta Party the night before the Race and their committee always comes up with some great ideas for the table centerpieces. This takes place outside near the river, so there's always at least a breeze and sometimes more depending on the weather, so they have to come up with things that won't blow away. This year they decided to put some of the paperdolls on long popsicle sticks in flower pots painted in this year's Race colors (brown, pink and a deeper pink). When Ashley said that they were going to be cutting out all of these paperdolls, I offered my services. Then we came up with some other ideas. Of course, we wanted a pink ribbon, so I finally sat down and designed one I would be happy with and would look good with the others. Ashley decided on the 3 colors for the dolls, darker pink for the 15s (our 15th race) and pink ribbons.

And now that you have suffered through the whole story, here's the cut file. It was created with George and Tags, Bags, Boxes and More. George alone would make the ribbon, but the center would just be a tiny hole.