Monday, July 6, 2009

Tractor Card

I hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th of July. We had a nice family lunch and later watched some of the fireworks at the air base.

Best made plans! Sometimes it just doesn't pay to plan ahead. ha Remember the Winnie the Pooh card that I made for Aidan's birthday? Well, first of all, contrary to Dave's prediction, I still know where the card is located. But second of all, Kate changed the theme of the party--John Deere. yikes!

I considered just using the Pooh card but couldn't quite bring myself to do so. Dang OCD! Sooooo, out comes My World!

Pretty cute if I do say so myself. Below are most of the pieces used.

And here's the beginning of the layers. The blackout tractor was adhered to the front of the card. Remember--do NOT put adhesive on the left edge of the back tire as it hangs off when the card is folded. The blackout tires were adhered to the tractor and the yellow tire centers to the tires. The centers were made with George, but any circles a little larger than the original middle of the tires would work.

I wanted to pop the other layers but not as high as my pop dots, so I used Zots 3-D glue dots. I put a layer of Zots between the card and the tractor and another layer between the tractor and the tires.

Then I decided that the back tire needed more dimension since they do come out farther on a real tractor. So I cut another back tire. (That's the missing part on the pieces image.) I then attached it using more Zots. There was one delay in this as I ran out of Zots and had to make a run to Michaels. (I now have an extra box.) The view below shows all of the layers.

I found some John Deere pattern paper at the lss. I used it and Wild Card for the envelope and used a CTMH stamp to make a postage stamp. (I had another delay here as my Expression quit cutting. Provo Craft was great and got another shipped to me quickly.) I hid the tick marks on the envelope as I don't like them. I scored the normal 4 folding lines and then scored again about 1/4 inch from the original lines on the top and the bottom.

I printed a sentiment, attached it and stamped Happy Birthday.

I even managed to find a John Deere gift bag at WalMart. His gift was, of course, a tractor. And my mother found a John Deere bucket, milk can and utensil holder. He can use them to hold his toys and we thought the utensil holder would be a great for his tools. Happy Birthday, Aidan!

The file is set up so that the card can be cut from any of the machines. The Expression would have 2 cut pages and the others have 3. However, the envelope can only be cut with the Expression because of the size. Sorry. As usual, some of the pages of the file are for preview only and don't need to be cut.

After I had already assembled part of the card, I decided that the tractor needed a little help with the detail. I used my green Cricut marker to go over the cut lines by hand. If I were to do this card again, I would "cut" with the marker first before actually cutting it out.

John Deere Tractor Card

Have a great day,