Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sand Castle Card

I made this card for Maddy's first birthday in June. (Well, this is actually a remake as I didn't have time to scan it before we left for her party.) I shared the cut file with the Cricut messageboard soon after I designed it. However, Ladyscrapper tried to use it recently and something has happened to the file. It is totally unusable. Yikes! I hope this doesn't start happening to other files.

Sooo, I created the file once again. I think this one will be better anyway.

Of course, the pink layer will actually go on the front. The palm tree is designed to cut off so that, when attached, it will look like it is behind the castle and not through the middle of it. And the coconuts go on the tree instead of falling onto the castle.

A number can be added to the flag on the pink layer to personalize it. I tried cutting her name into the same layer, but it worked better to cut the letters out and attach.

I hope someone can put this to use and enjoy. Here's the cut file.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Easter Placemats

Hello once again! Yes, between busy, lazy and not feeling too great, it's been a while.

One of the Cricut message board members is currently hosting a placemat swap using Design Studio. As I was too late for the Thanksgiving and Christmas deadlines, I decided to work on Easter. I came up with one using bunnies. Then I decided that some might prefer to go more religious and did one using crosses. Of course, that lead to the possibility of not liking one font over another. I ended up with one file with two designs and two fonts so that the creator could decide for themselves.

Here's the cut file for anyone interested. I hope you enjoy. Oh, the basic shape and the print Happy Easter are Plantin Schoolbook; bunnies are Doodlecharm; crosses are Wedding; and cursive font is Jasmine.