Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fire Breathing Dragons

OK, so they aren't fire breathing, but they sure are cute.

When I created Aidan and Maddy's birthday cards (link here), I started work on tags to match but ran out of time. Then I needed a tag for Sebastian, so I decided to do his and Aidan's at the same time. I'll see Kay in a few weeks and hope to have Maddy's made by then too.

I cut the dragons but then remembered how much better they looked using the Cri-Kit pens. So I started over and drew with the pens before cutting.

Doesn't it make a world of difference! I need to remember to use them more.

Since I was working with Nursery Rhymes for Miller, I went ahead and used that font for everything. I rather like it anyway.

Now, I need to get Maddy's done along with making some for Layla, Alyse and Avalee.

Dragon Luggage Tags

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