Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hello Kitty

Hmmmmm. Maybe that's why I never shared the Hello Kitty luggage tags. I can't find a picture of them. I think I made these for Abby sometime last year, and I helped Rose Mary make some for Emma a while back.

Here's the picture of Meadow's.

And a print screen of all three.

The cut file includes a Paper Setup page for the Cut Page and a separate one for the Rainbow. The setup page for the rainbow includes some instructions. Because the rainbow parts are grouped with only 2 "contours" to a cut, it is impossible at this time to "hide selected contour" part of it and it still be hidden when you reopen the file. Therefore, you'll either have to hide the parts yourself or just cut all of the parts twice. Make sense?

To "hide selected contour", click on the part you want to hide to make it active, right click anywhere on the mat and click "Hide Selected Contour" on the pop-up menu.

Just a rerun of Miller, Sebastian and Meadow's tags.

Are you or a little friend a Hello Kitty fan? Thinking of you on this one, Susan.

Hello Kitty Luggage Tags

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