Friday, April 3, 2009

With This Ring

Where does the time go? I had a great time cropping last weekend with friends and spending some time at Angie's cabin (so peaceful

up there) and even saw a few SMALL snowflakes. (Yes, I know some of you are SO tired of snow, but we really didn't have any this year. Did we last year?) I still have those RFTC name tags to cut out, but I wanted to stop long enough to send you this file. I actually did this back in November at Ferncliff and completely forgot about it until Angie was working on her daughter's wedding album this weekend.

This is from the album I am working on of my son's wedding. Maybe I'll get it finished by their 10th anniversary (2014), but let's not make any bets on it. This was very simple using Opposites Attract and Wedding but turns out so pretty. Angie did hers in black, white and silver and stickled the word RING and the diamond.

Since cutting this one last fall and Angie working on it last weekend, I made some revisions for you. My original file did not have a shadow for RING. Chances are that I thought there was no shadow for the Opposite feature. Well, think again. Sooooo, RING is now shadowed in the base.

If I did this again, I think I would either pop-dot the word RING or shadow it again (between the ring shape and the word). Yes, I added a page for that in case you would like to do so. Or another color in the mixture would bring it out more too.

There are extra pages in the file for the sake of a pretty preview. Just cut the pages that say Cut. Anything to be cut is placed where it will work on 12x6 or 12x12.

I think I'm in wedding mode with Ashley and James and Claire and Chris' weddings coming up. Be watching for more wedding cuts coming up and who knows what might pop up in the meantime.

With This Ring

Happy Spring,


loopylou said...

oh that is just such a lovely layout, the title is amazing xxx

Anonymous said...

Your work is wonderful! I love this design....TFS