Sunday, April 19, 2009

Update! Update!

With Easter last weekend and us going to Branson on Monday for a few days and some of the girls coming over Friday night and spending ALL week celebrating my birthday, it's been rather busy around here. Dave told me today that my birthday has GOT to end--a week and a half is quite long enough. I tend to disagree though. lol

Here's the beginnings of a card that I've started. Can you guess it's purpose?

"Jill, what's the update?" you ask. Well, Dave's been busy once again, and I am now using my cricuts completely WIRELESS!!!!!! While I was headed out the door this morning to check out Michaels' cartridge sale, he asked if I would be willing to stop by Best Buy. What am I looking for? A bridge. A what? A bridge. At Best Buy? He printed it off which was a really good thing since the Best Buy guys knew less than me.

Dave removed the cable which was connecting my USB hub in the last post to our network and replaced it with a Linksys - Dual-Band Wireless-N Ethernet Bridge. Model: WET610N Best Buy SKU: 9213861 Cost: $99.99 (thank goodness for tax refunds). The bridge now does the talking to the wireless router. The cricuts are connected to the hub; the hub to the bridge; and the bridge talks to the router. Well, I guess it's actually the other way since my laptop talks to the router which talks to the bridge which talks to the hub which tells my cricut to cut my file.

Limitations? Whatever your wireless limitations are. If your laptop will work there, the bridge will work there.

Dave did want me to let you know that according to Linksys, it will connect to any router; however, we are connecting to a Linksys router. Therefore, we can't vouch for any other router.

I also wanted to share that Dave has attached my power strips to the bottom of my scrap table and hooked and tie-strapped my wires so that all of those wires aren't hanging down and laying on the floor. And I don't have to sit on the floor or do exercises to plug things in. Laurie, if you're reading this, I thought this would be great for you if you're able to do so. Of course, it helps that my table is wood.

I'll finish up my card later, but here's the file for this part in case you have a use for it. It's made with Hello Kitty Font and George (but any rectangle could replace George). And it will cut on either size.

2 Card Front

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Cricut Freebies Search List, under the Alpha(s),Word Art(s), Word Book(s) post on May. 18, 2009. Thanks again.

HappyHappyJoyJoy said...

First of all, you have a fantastic blog! I love the gorgeous things you have made and your generosity with your cut files and info! Thank you!

Secondly, this post about hooking the Cricut up wirelessly is AWESOME!! I just featured this post and your blog on my blog, telling all about it.

Thanks for all you do!! Hugs, Joy

patcouch said...

Not a comment, but a question: Does this wireless deal (Linksys - Dual-Band Wireless-N Ethernet Bridge. Model: WET610N Best Buy SKU: 9213861) work on a Mac? I want one.

Jill said...

Yes, the bridge will work on a mac. It is simply bridging your wireless network to a device (laptop, hub, printer, etc.). If you are asking if it will make CDS work on a mac, no. Does that help?

Gracie said...

I'm with are fantastic, and a feature post is in order!! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing.


-Gracie from Imagine That

Anonymous said...

I want to try this wireless "bridge" but I 'm a little confused as to what connects to what. Do you attach this bridge to the cricut instead of the cable or to the router?? I'm very visual when it comes to this sort of stuff. I would love if you cold post a pic of this setup or email me it. I would appreciate it more than you know. I can't believe your husband figured this out and I really want to try it. thank you.


Ruth said...

your blog is nice. I don't have DS because my computer is at one end of the house and my craftroom is at the other, I didn't want to lug my E back and forth, but thanks to your GENIOUS husband I can now get DS. Of course I don't know anything about computers so as soon as my son has time I'll show him your blog to see if we can do the wireless too. Thanks so much!! I signed up to be a follower.

Felicia said...

Found this post while surfing. I am trying to figure out if I can hook my Silhouette up wirelessly over my network. Since this post is a couple of years old I was wondering if you knew if I could just plug the cutter into via the usb port in my router and then cut to it via my network? Thought maybe your husband night know? Any help would be so appreciated. You seem to be the only one that tried this! Would I still need the bridge if they router already has a usb port? Hope you can help! Thanks much for your time! =0)

Jill said...

Hi, Felicia! Dave is pretty sure you still need the bridge. He said the usb port on a router is normally for a storage device or printer. No guarantees, but he doesn't think you would hurt anything by trying though. Good luck!