Friday, April 3, 2009

More Luggage Tags - Pooh

No, I didn't get Aidan's luggage tags made before I saw Kay. But I gave her Maddy's with a promise that Aidan's were coming. And I did get them made and to her last weekend, so he wasn't without for long.

I only made one set of these, so I did the file different than the ones for Sesame Street. Everything can be done in one cut, and I provided a page to show you how to arrange the paper on the mat. It should cut fine on either size mat. Again, nothing special, just size that fits.

Pooh Luggage Tags

More coming up.



loopylou said...

jill they are so nice, he will love them xxx

Angie R said...

How cute Jill. What a great idea and a wonderful gift. <3U Ang