Sunday, February 8, 2009

Class of 2009

Grrrr! I really wish I knew why my hidden contours sometimes save and sometimes don't. Anyone else having that problem or know the answer?

I'm so excited over this mesh. And I'm sure you'll note that my example is Class of 2002; but I promise that the cut file is 2009. My son graduated in 2002 and I thought maybe it was time to start on his graduation photos. (hiding face in shame-where are those smiley faces when I need them?)

Cut-Shadow is the base page. I cut mine in black.

Cut-Vines. After cutting mine, I revised and welded the touching vines together. I've also moved them as close together as I felt was safe. Be careful removing the cuts from the paper as these are delicate. I would also advise against using white cored paper.

Cut-Caps, Tassels, Words. If your caps and tassels are the same color, place your caps color on the top of your mat, words color on the bottom and cut. If your caps and tassels are different colors, I would delete the tassels from this page before cutting and use the next page to cut them.

Cut if Tassel different-hide button/tassel. Here's where my issue comes. If your tassel is a different color from your cap, there's no reason to cut all of that twice. That's why I set up this page. However, I've tried everything I know to get the file to save with the Hide Selected Contour items hidden, and it's just not happening. So you'll have to work a little and hide them once again yourself. At the top of the page, the buttons need to be hidden; at the bottom, it's the tassels that need to be hidden. If you need help with this feature, please visit Narelle's blog.

I made a few cuts on the end of the tassels with my scissors and bent them slightly for a little dimension. It may not make a difference by the time it's in a page protector, but I tried.

With all of these thin pieces, I mainly used my Sakura Pinpoint roller Quickie Glue to adhere.

My son's school colors were maroon and gold. I look forward to seeing what you do in other colors.

(Note 2/15/09--Hide Contour problem has been resolved and file should be problem free. See next post.)

Class of 2009 Mesh



Anonymous said...

Thank you for all three Grad files, they are lovely

pprice said...

WOW That is beautiful! TFS!

Diane said...

Hi Jill,

That is beautiful! I totally understand about the date - still working on getting the albums done for my sons ('03 and '07). Funny coincidence - their high school colors were maroon and gold too!

I think I have figured out the saving the hide contour problem - check out my blog post today about how to keep the contour hidden - sort of fiddly but it works!

Tammy said...

Love the mesh and all your other great creations so much so that the Serendipity Sisters have given you an award! Thanks for your inspiration and great ideas. Visit our blog to get it. As I understand it you are supposed to pass this award on to seven other blogs. Love your work.

Carol said...

Jill, this is such a great mess!!! Really like the idea and the look - great job, and thank you for always sharing with the rest of us!