Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Tags

Yes, I'm on tags again. They're just quick, fun projects. I've actually designed several that I just haven't quite gotten to the production stage.

Bella and her mom came in a few weeks ago long enough to spend the night and leave for Memphis. Then they returned on Monday to fly out on Tuesday. Monday afternoon I remembered that I wanted to give her a new tag before she left. I had started working on these, so I finished designing them and cut them before we went to dinner. Then I put Bella's together when I got back and presented it to her (below).

Some changes were made along the way, so the DS file preview may not look exactly like the finished products. Like the sun; those layers just were NOT working at that size. There's not a tab for it in the file, but I drew the suns before I cut them which helped since I didn't use any of the layers on Bella's. I did use one piece of the layer on Mary Claire's (the first photo).

I think I revised the file to only cut that piece on one sun and no layer on the other sun. If you want to draw the sun (or any other piece) before cutting, just click on that piece, copy it, add a new tab which will automatically take you to that tab, and copy. You'll have to save the file and reopen it if there are any parts that you want to "hide contour" so that they don't draw. Remember also NOT to unload your mat between drawing and cutting.

Tuesday night I put together tags for Logan and his cousins, Kate and Mary Claire, and gave them to Claire Wednesday. Now that Logan is 6, I wanted something more boy and less cutesy for him.

Kate's is from the file I made for Lilli a few years ago. She's not a year yet, so I thought something big and bold would be better than a beach scene. Here's the post with Lilli's tags. I did cut one of the other ladybugs in black, cut off her antennae and attach to this one. She just looked a little plain to me.

There is a tab for drawing the sand. I cut everything once but was NOT happy with the sand. You really couldn't see any of the detail, and it looked so plain. So I started over and drew everything before cutting. Since the large piece of sand is made up of 4 pieces welded together, I didn't want the outline of each of those pieces to draw or cut. In order to save that into the file, I had to "hide contour" 2 sections of each piece. So I hid the outline and one speck in each piece. I sure wish they could fix that little snag.

Once again, names were done with Printing 101 and not included in the file. Yes, I did go back and add ribbons to Kate and Mary Claire's tags after taking the photos.

Summer Luggage Tags

I hope you are having a wonderful summer and that someone in your life might enjoy some of these tags.



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