Monday, March 16, 2009

Luggage Tags

I don't remember who on the message board first posted a luggage tag, but I do remember that it was of Minnie Mouse. Too cute!

I made some back during the summer but didn't get a photo before they were packed. And now that file has gotten corrupted. How in the world does that happen? So irritating to have a darling file you created and unable to open it.

My daughter-in-law is currently visiting her parents and little sister, and I wanted to make Abby something to send with April. She'll be two in June, and I thought she would like Sesame Street. So while at Ferncliff last week, I borrowed the Sesame Street Font cartridge from Kay and made two sets each of Elmo, Cookie Monster and Big Bird. I forgot to take my holders with me, so I waited until I got home to do the names and put it all together. This is the set for Abby. All of the names are with the same font because I was rather in a hurry.

This weekend, I finally cut the other set of names for Maddy and put them together. With a little more time to work, I used a different font for each tag. Kay may want to go back and redo them with the Sesame Street Font though. Of course, Maddy may not care for any of them except Elmo. She does love her some Elmo.

I hope to have time this week to make a set of Pooh ones for Aidan. After all, we don't want to show any favortism.

There's nothing special about the file except the correct size to fit in the holders, but here it is. The file also uses George but just to show the size. I cut the rectangles just using my paper trimmer. And it uses 3 fonts, but you can use whatever you have.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do. If I ever find a resizable Cricut head, I'll be making one (or two) for me.



all4sydney said...

Great idea!!! these are so cute!! TFS

Doramiyi said...

Very cute. I have a friend that loves Sesame Street, so I'm hoping I can make her something with your cut file. Thanks for sharing and keep on creating.

doramiyi at gmail dot com