Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dreaded Red X

Wow! I accomplished a great deal this weekend and had a wonderful time doing so! My 2007 Minnesota album is almost complete. Just a few odds and ends to add. Oh, and to pick out an album for it. That might help. My husband's mother was from Minnesota and the family has a picnic every October. When we were there in 2007, we promised to try our best to be there this year. I wanted to get our last visit done before we go again.

I didn't do as much with my Cricut as I thought I would, but I will have a few things to share with you as soon as I get them cleaned up.

However, I did want to go ahead and pass along a little information. Or should I say a warning? Remember the dreaded red X that we sometimes get when we stretch a rectangle or square in George? (Like anyone could ever forget?) Well, it roared its ugly head this weekend in the most unexpected place--fonts.

I was creating a page title for EA using ZooBalloo that should have taken a couple of minutes. It took FORever because I kept getting the X and having to start over and over and over again. I finally started saving at every little change and got it done. (Darling page!) Later I was creating a title for me using Cursive 101 and got it again. Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I weld words, I type the word, hit Apply for the kerning and then nudge whatever letters need adjusting. I finally figured out that the problem with both of these titles was the apostrophe. I could kern up a storm until I added an apostrophe (quote with one of them hidden). As soon as I clicked Apply after typing that dang apostrophe, I was hit with the dreaded red X.

As we can't go back and add letters between letters we've already typed (other than typing them at the end and nudging them into place), I finally decided to leave room for the apostrophe but to add it as a separate item and weld the two items together.

Morale of the story: Don't Kern Apostrophes/Quote Marks! Or at least save your work before doing so.

I hope my experience saves someone a big headache down the line. Guess it goes to show that you never know what's going to pop up in this program, so SAVE, SAVE, SAVE.


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Susan said...

Jill!!! Thanks for the nice comment - it was wonderful to see your name and face on my blog! I hope you are doing well; it seems like forever since I have messaged you. Thanks again for dropping by, Susan