Saturday, January 31, 2009

Up Up and Away

Last gift card holder. This one doesn't conform to the guidelines for the swap, but it is one that has actually already been given away. Because of the size, it can only be cut on the Expression. I used George and Basic Shapes along with New Arrival, but you could revise for Plantin Schoolbook (explained later).

Our friend Katie is adopting, and I needed something for her shower. I didn't want to go real babyish since he will be 20 months old. I decided the airplane on New Arrival would be really cute if only it would work. It turned out perfect! I did it in our company colors and used his birth date for the tail number. Not only that, he's coming from China, so he'll be coming home on an airplane.

Cut one Plane in your main color. Don't worry when it cuts off the top wing. We don't need that one. Cut two of the Plane Solid in whatever color you want to show through the windows. This will also cut off the top wing.

Check your Parts page before cutting to make sure everything is still hidden that needs to be hidden. You need the bottom wing, tail wing and propeller in one image. The other image should have the top wing welded to two rounded rectangles. Check out Narelle's blog if you need help with the Hide Contour feature. And cut the Parts in your accent color.

You may want to cut the full plane out to help you align the wing in the correct place (May want... tab).

Go ahead and attach your gift card to the middle section of the card (glue dots work great), add your message on the bottom section and fold. Glue your two solid planes together making sure that you do not glue where the card goes in. Watch where the bottom of the card will go because it is a tight fit and you don't want to close it up. Glue the detailed plane on top, add wings and propeller, insert card and add tail number if desired. I was running late and used my label maker for the tail number.

My card looks different in the photo as I have redesigned it since then. Also, I used George to make the card because I prefer the rounded corners. However, you could replace those two George pieces with a rectangle from Plantin Schoolbook if you don't have George.

Yes, Katie LOVED it! And we can't wait to meet Luke!

Airplane Gift Card

Happy flying,


Jen said...

Oh Jill, this is so darling!!! Great job!

loopylou said...

jill this is so cute and so imaginative, i love it xxxx

Anonymous said...

Such a fun gift card.

PJ (Jessie Adams)

4paws said...

So sweet!! Thank you so much for sharing

Cindy Lou said...

Believe it or not, but this one's perfect for my hubby - who loves all things flying! Another great creation!

Anonymous said...

Once again thanks for sharing

Kind Regards

Schaapje said...

Thank you, that you made it possible to download some nice cut ideas from your blog, love them, Els

Edee said...

These are so wonderful, I love all of them but I love the airplane the most! True talent! Thanks for sharing.

Katie*Jo said...

Jill, this is so great. I have a little boy and anytime I see anything that is for a boy super excited. There is not a whole lot of Boy things out their! Thanks for sharing!

Susan said...

Love it, love it, love it! Thank you sooo much!

Ray and Susan said...

I think this is the CUTEST! TFS!