Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wedding Cake

Thanks to Susan, I have fallen in love with layered (pop-dotted) cards. Lots of work, but so pretty! Here's her post that got me started. I've also fallen in love with Wild Card.

Thanks to the cards, fun with family and friends, and becoming a Farm Town addict, I've been rather busy lately. Hopefully, I can start catching up. I've even gotten behind reading other blogs. (hanging head in shame)

I was at a crop when I started work on the wedding cake cards and only had my baby bug. Therefore, I had to do some adjusting, but here's the one I've completed so far. The bride and groom are graduates of the University of Arkansas and HUGE Razorback fans. Sorry my colors aren't too great in the photos.

I had problems getting the icing to fit right on the bottom, so I cut a "platter" instead. However, that caused it to NOT fit in the envelope.

Here's a bit of a side view that kind of shows the layers.

And inside I used a couple of my CTMH stamps for a sentiment.

Seems like this is the year for weddings!

I have a couple more that I'll be sharing soon, but I have to clean up the files. One is for graduation. This one you'll have to go visit Susan to get the file.

Hope everyone is enjoying the first part of summer.


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Susan said...

Oh Jill - Beautiful, beautiful. The icing trim is a bit of a challenge! I really like how you finished your cake... and your pop layers look awesome. I can't wait to see what else you do with wild card!!!!

xx Susan