Sunday, December 28, 2008

Updated Storage

Happy Holidays!

I hope that everyone has had a marvelous holiday season so far. Hard to believe that there's still a holiday to go before it's all behind us for another few months.

Finally, I was able to sit down this weekend and cut out the revised storage boxes for my Cricut cartridges. And I'm SO happy with the outcome!

I take my cartridges to crops and share them with friends who have their own Cricut machines. When they return the cartridges, they're never sure where they go. (Yes, I do have tendencies of OCD and keep them in alphabetical order.) I added a back so that I could label the boxes. Now, all of us will know what belongs where.

Here's the whole set for ZooBalloo.

And the top layer of cartridges filled. Doesn't it look great!
If you are interested in the .cut file for the new boxes, click here. This file was done on the Expression (Christmas present from my husband and my uncle!), but it would be easy to convert for use on one of the other bugs.

If you're looking for the dividers or tags, see my post from August 24.

Thanks for checking in.

My wish is that you and your family have a safe, healthy and happy 2009! Happy Cricuting!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the new holder file. OCD not me! LOL I like things in order also, my DH calls me Mrs. Monk

Karen O said...

Where/how do you store the handbook and overlays?
My collection is starting to grow and I ran out of room where I was originaly storing them, quite a few carts ago.


Snatertje said...

oo thanks for sharing, I only have 4 carts now, but it wil be more in the future.

Take care Linda from holland

SJ said...

I love this idea. Thank you for sharing. How did you attach the tags to the carts?


Virginia said...

Jill - You should say CDO....since you will probably want it to be in alphabetical order.

Love ya -